A Passage & A Memory
By: Jennifer Heinfeld

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

One week in Germany. Exactly seven days since we uprooted ourselves and found place as residents of Dessau. It has been an anxious and stress induced shift, but a change so welcome and exciting. I really can't believe we actually made the decision, and actions that followed, to land us as residents of the Bauhaus. 

We sit in Berlin today. A place so close and cultured that it has been decided to be our 'weekend retreat'. Instead of transitioning away from the city, we gravitate from the country to Berlin for our weekends. 

I miss Milou. His beautiful skin and warm cradle. His ease. It has never been hard for me to make independent decisions for something I craved or needed for my person. And I think he knows that, at least I know he supports that. Yet we build our lives around the people we love; and the more stories we build and loved ones we cherish, the weight of leaving becomes heavier, more burdenous.

The tea drips from the bag hanging over the cup's edge. It's collecting in the saucer below as if measuring time. The only clock we are keeping is the pool of tea collecting. It appears we have been sitting here for hours. 

Cleo joins us at the cafe, Ein Laden. It's a perfect blend of our scandinavian past and german present - candle burning on the table, chipped wall paper, handmade tables, medicinal teas, and true house made wine. 

Robert and Dennis join too. And the day passes. The light changes. Three glasses of wine gone and we depart for ramen.