Desert Jewels is a conceptual art project devoted to the art of storytelling. We define a jewel as a person, object, or experience that is treasured and precious. Desert Jewels is a place for you to document and share the jewels of your life. It is a place where you can express the many versions of yourself through your life stories. It is a place where storytelling inspires mindful connection and generates community.


Founder / Creative Director

Jojie was always the kid marching to the beat of her own drum. Drinking diet coke by the gallon as a toddler, dancing with her tutu pulled up, impersonating the church lady from Saturday Night Live and pretending her bicycle was a wood paneled caravan. Being creative, loud and expressive are at the core of who she is. A giant imagination and a passion to un-follow the rules of life have led Josephine to creating Desert Jewels. A place where she can express all the versions of herself through her own life stories and a place where she can connect with others through their stories.

Josephine is an artist, yoga instructor and farm to table cook currently living in one of the smallest towns in the USA, Boulder Utah.





Executive Editor

Lauren has always looked at the world as a collector, researcher and interpreter. As a young child, she would obsess over her mom's tiny collections displayed in small wooden boxes and her grandmother’s collections of carousels and refrigerator magnets. In time, Lauren managed to develop a pretty massive keychain collection of her own. It’s no surprise that Lauren’s passion is finding, documenting, and sharing people’s collections. She has studied art and architectural history at the graduate level for several years and is currently working as a freelance editor and barista in Seattle, WA. Her current obsessions include miniatures, denim, and secretary desks.





Executive Designer 

The desert breeds survivors, independents, and creatures attuned to their place on this earth. Born to cactus and cresote, the place Jennifer was raised has been the largest shaper and former in her personal manifesto. Her curiosities in space, atmosphere, and human's connection to their environments are all rooted to that special place at the base of four mountain ranges in Arizona. 

Jennifer is an architect, photographer, collector and traveler currently transplanted in Stockholm, Sweden.



Media Coordinator

Emma was born and raised in the High Desert Plains of Twin Falls, ID. She grew up among the charged energy of the Magic Valley where she cultivated a strong relationship to the unique landscape and its mystery. In 2007, she received her BA in printmaking from Southern Oregon University and shortly after moved to Tucson, AZ where she completed her MFA in photography from The University of Arizona and her 200hr RYT yoga certification from Yoga Oasis. Emma's love of the obscure, uncanny, and untethered nuances of the universe are what inspire her creative direction and she is excited to be embarking on this journey with Desert Jewels as the director of all things musical, magical, and visual.

Emma is a multi-media artist, alchemist, and yogi currently holding space in Seattle, WA.


Logistics Coordinator

Often described as someone who can get along with just about anyone, Nathan finds human connection to be the most important guiding force in his life. Talking with and learning from people of all walks of life has shaped Nathan into who he is today, and will continue to shape him for as long as he lives. Whether it’s connecting with people through Spanish or Yoga, his passion for lifelong learning is unbounded. Life always has more to teach and Nathan finds it his job to wring all he can out of his experiences. Beyond learning, Nathan loves to eat locally, grow his own food, shake his groove thang, and bike around his city.

Nathan is a Spanish teacher, yoga instructor, and lover of life currently residing in Saint Louis, Missouri. Nathan loves to connect via social media, so look him up @njosefbeck.