Sitting down to write about Karina LeSage has been a struggle. I have a folder of docs on my computer filled with all the times I tried telling her story and failed. Karina is the type of person who is so clear and direct in her appearance and aesthetic that you can’t help but think you know her just from looking at her. Her gaze is penetrating and she cuts right to the heart of the matter in her speech. But she is actually so complex that I didn't quite know how to characterize her. Meeting Karina, I was struck by her spirituality, her thoughtfulness, her wisdom. Not surprisingly, both of these aspects are fused into Karina’s interior design aesthetic, which I saw this week at her Seward Park home office. Spareness and complexity. Minimalism and eclecticism. Whoever thought those two concepts could co-exist?


Well, Karina Le Sage did. And she’s KILLING IT. That tall geometric vase that’s all the rage right now, paired with those kitchy ceramic prayer hands?! That tiny coral specimen surrounded by vintage photographs and rock fossils? YES PLEASE.

But let’s get back to Karina. This power goddess creature is offering an insane amount of design services, all of which she’s picked up from her well of life experience. She will help you design your space, she will cull your possessions of those that are weighing you down, and she’ll refurbish that rad old chair you bought at Ballard Consignment.  She will do all of this, and oh yeah, then she will design you a custom vintage lighting fixture. NBD.

Karina is kind of like that uber-cool fairy godmother you wish you always had. She’ll grant you all those killer vintage finds you wish you had the time to thrift. She understands the value of an object is just as much in its history as its aesthetic. She appreciates things for their meaning, not just their price tag.

“This chair was chewed by a dog or something, see the feet?” Karina implored me. “But it’s beautiful! Look at it!”

Spending the morning with Karina LeSage taught me about design, it taught me about what it means to value something. Karina taught me about the power that comes from tapping into your truest self and expressing that, whatever it looks like.  Which, for me, means she taught me how to wall-hang all those antique plates from Goodwill I’ve been hoarding. She taught me the beauty of displaying my “weirdness” with pride.

More than all of this, though, Karina taught me what it means to be a beautiful human being. I accidentally locked us out of her house during her photo shoot and she didn’t bat an eye. I had to cancel our first interview because of Mercury retrograde and she was totally cool with it. I left from her home with a hug and a sense of excitement about future collaborations. Karina Le Sage is the kind of person who isn’t any particular kind of person. She’s just Karina.

Karina LeSage is an interior designer, writer, and artist living in Seattle, WA. See more of her work at Composition Home.