Forest Bath: The Retracing Self

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Forest Bath: The Retracing Self

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September 19, 2015
5:30-7:30 pm
Volunteer Park
Seattle, WA

An experiential workshop to demystify Mercury Retrograde and build connection to the reflective capacities of the inner self and the relational body. We will stoke our perception with movement practices, breathwork, visionary embodiment, and traverse the wisdom embedded in the dance of the planets.

Your guides for this exploratory journey are Josephine Edmondson, Matt Drews, and Stephanie Gailing.

Josephine is known for her poetic, free-spirited approach to teaching yoga. She uses creativity and storytelling to generate experiences that support her students both on the mat and off.

Matt is an artist who crafts rituals for deep presence by way of yoga, dance, and the phenomenology of the performative body.

As an astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie weaves together insights, flower essence therapy, dreamwork, and compassion-based coaching.

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