Secret Spots Instagram Giveaway

In anticipation of our September storytelling theme, "Secret Spots," we invited our community to post images and short stories about their very favorite secret spots on Instagram. The winner of our "Secret Spots" giveaway will receive a handmade treasure pouch filled with prizes from the Utah deserts, including crystals, creosote, and sage.

We received beautiful stories, saw some amazing images, and heard from many new voices. We are excited about this new storytelling format as it allows for story sharing in a more immediate format and encourages storytelling from those who might not be ready to submit a full story to the Desert Jewels website. We hope that telling your story through this Instagram prompt will encourage you to keep speaking your truth and sharing all those beautiful hidden parts of yourself.

We are proud to share and celebrate all the beautiful stories we received through our Secret Spots Instagram Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated!