Through the Wilderness
By: Sandee McGee

There is a desert in all of our hearts, whether we know it or not. When time stops and the mind feels as if it’s been suspended in water so deep that we do not even attempt to come up for air. It doesn’t even occur to us to move. Was I breathing that afternoon when she called to tell me that the good news was that he made it through the night… the bad news was that it was time for me to come and say goodbye?

Those are the moments that live outside of time. They belong in the wild world, the open air, the expanse of the ocean. Those moments blew my heart up like a balloon and I do believe it must’ve left my body and floated toward him. It must’ve gone there before I could manage to walk through my front door. Every step toward him echoed through my entire body. I felt everything. I was present to every diamondian detail and yet they all escaped me. They rolled from the top of my head, off my shoulders and chest, passed the shredded part of my jeans down to my worn sneakers and onto the ground into the sunlight spilling in from the windows and disappearing forever. Leaving me empty. 


Sandee McGee is an Oregon-based artist, writer, and gallerist.
Image copyright 2014 Sandee McGee