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Time is a Tricky Thing
By: Kelli Roggensack

Time is a tricky thing. Five minutes can feel like two seconds or six hours depending on the day. I haven’t been on this earth very long, but I’ve got some ideas about time. I think that moments and memories get fixed in your head, and they don’t really change. Sure the details can get fuzzy, but the way that a place looks will always be the same. I lived in the same house from one years old to 12. Even though we haven’t lived in that house for quite some time, and a few families have lived there since, that house always looks the same to me. I drive by it from time to time, and some things have changed. Some of the fences are gone, and the last time I drove by there was a trampoline in the backyard. The flower garden that my mom planted every year to make the yard look beautiful hasn’t been maintained to the same degree. But those aren’t the things I see when I look at or think about the house I grew up in.

I think about the summer that my great uncle came out and helped my dad build a new deck. I think about the “snowball” fights my brother and I used to have in our front yard with the flowers from a tree we had that looked like snowballs. I think about summer days swinging in the back yard with the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. When I look at that house I see moments from my life when my family lived there. There is a new family living there now, but the house I see today when I drive by isn't made of wood, but of memories from my life there.