Soulful, from the heart. Helping people to pull out, see, and be their truth. Alive evocation of self through writing and spirit practice.
— Stephanie Gailing
Desert Jewels is what you shape it into being. It’s not something you need to fit yourself around, but rather, let it mold around you.
— Tatyana Babich

Desert Jewels is so clearly the physical manifestation of your individual and shared sacred paths. I have been reading that love, creation and the universe all conspire to co-create with us, and that gorgeous idea pulsates at the heart of what you’ve birthed.

Whether it’s sharing stories, style, moments, food, lessons, experiences, images... Doesn’t really matter. It will continue to evolve and be a means to express the art that can only evolve out of the collaboration of your unique spirits.
— Rachel Jensen

I think of DJ as a catalyst for creative expression and personal development in a supportive social context. I appreciate the high-mindedness and level of heart that you’ve all put toward DJ projects to date.
— Scott Neilson
Story tellers, thought provokers, mind-body-soul connectors.
— Tara Tonini

The first thought in my mind is Lauren and Josephine: loving creatures working to connect kindred spirits and raise self and spiritual awareness. I also view myself as a part of Desert Jewels. Though I’m not involved in the day to day, I somehow feel pride and a small sense of ownership in this beautiful community and its to-be-explored potential.
— Sam Albert
Desert Jewels is a safe space for sharing emotional, free, artistic wanderings and recollections. It is a place to connect with others on an emotional and spiritual level, without necessarily ever meeting or knowing them physically.

When DJ is practiced, I feel more in touch with my spiritual, thinking, and feeling self than I do without it. I feel more in line with my artistic process and practice as well. In this sense, it is not just a safe space, but a safe space that calls and inspires from within.
— Ellen Caldwell

Desert Jewels is a safe place for sharing your soul.
— Corey Kingston

To me, Desert Jewels is a home for story-sharing and connecting, where we can feel free to be ourselves and offer our vulnerability, authenticity and wisdom as unique people with something to say. I love reading others’ stories and seeing their beautiful photos of lived experiences that reach straight to the heart of the matter. It has been such a joy contributing to your site, and I love knowing there are so many souls out there who aren’t afraid to share in the beauty, strength, darkness and light that is letting others read and see their stories, to feel them for what and who they really are.
— Tara Ruttenberg