grand gesture
Fall 2015

The phrase “grand gesture” often conjures associations with the romantic—a spectacular show of love, or a risk taken in the name of love. As we transition into fall, a time for moving inwards and self-reflection, Desert Jewels asks: what grand gestures have you given and received over the course of your life? Whether romantic, platonic, or professional, grand gestures come in many forms. They can be fantastic and literally grand, but they can also be subtle and small. Maybe it’s a friend who put in a good word for you with an employer—that seemingly small gesture that landed you your dream job. Perhaps it’s a creative opportunity that was afforded you, an invitation to make or create that helped you tap into a deeper side of your creative voice. Or maybe your gesture was an actual gift, an offering of food or flowers you made to someone out of loving kindness. Whatever the act, Desert Jewels asks you to reflect on the grand gestures you have made and also those that have been given to you. Those acts done in the name of love and generosity. Even more, we ask you to consider: what would it mean to bring the concept of “grand gesture” intentionally into your everyday life and your relationships, today, in this moment?

submission guidelines:

If you are interested in sharing your creative voice with Desert Jewels, please submit an image and short abstract outlining your idea to Currently we are accepting submissions on the theme of "Grand Gesture." However, we welcome all creative submissions. We publish original written words, visual images, and audio recordings on our website, and we support creative expressions and collaborations offline as well. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your creative voice with Desert Jewels.

The submission deadline for "Grand Gesture" is October 30, 2015.

Please note before submitting:

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